There is so much to tell you, I do not know where to begin!

I am having a ball-In the last 4 months I have had wonderful times taking part and meeting new people at the “green” events I have been to. I have in the past, given presentation on Simply Going Green and incorporated some in my gardening presentations, this has encouraged me to jump back into doing such classes or speaking engagements.
How does this apply to you? You get the opportunity to have ME speak at your next association or group function.
Now I am not limited to the presentations on going green (they are the hot topic, these days). I have a whole line up of topics on Health and wellness, container gardening, pruning, composting, green roofing, what is gluten and why should I worry about it? and so much more.
So contact me for more information on what I have to share with your group! I look forward to hearing from you.

Now- Let’s get business out of the way- Get healthy and stay healthy!
New! Energy Chews, great natural burst of energy to power through our day
Need more energy- Don’t forget about Shaklee’s CoEnergy supplement or Energizing Soy Protein and the Cinch Energy Tea. Great ways to boost your energy without the calories of sugary drinks!
Shaklee University- Learn more than you ever could Listening to me!

Do you know anyone who wants to earn up to $100,000 in the Next 15 months? Fast track is the way, all are eligible. To listen in-

Its’ been a tough winter- have you kept your family healthy?
Ask me what you can do to prevent getting sick.

Mom’s out there don’t forget about yourself, we keep track of everyone else. Now is the time to take care of you. Call me to set aside 30 mins. to review ways to boost your health and Life!

Place and order by February 28th and qualify for March Madness Give Away! Referrals get extra gifts! Call for details…810-220-2085

As always My best to you and your health- Naturally Jodi


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  1. wow u do have a lot 2 say
    love jojo


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