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Go Jamie Go!

Food Revolution- We need to Change!

I just watched the Food Revolution with Jamie Oliver… WOW even my kids were stunned!

I am ready to challenge our food nutrition in our schools ARE YOU?

My kids want to make a change in their schools. Way to go!

Way to go Olympians!

Wanted to share how great our Olympians are: Great Video clips!
Shaklee Powered Athletes
Letter from U.S. Olympic Team

Anything is possible when you power yourself with Pure, Proven, products!

Inspiring conversations.

I just finished a great phone conversation with one of my new Shaklee members. We were sharing so much about healthy eating, real food, being vegetarian etc. It finally hit me that I do not take advantage of having more inspiring conversations like the one I just experienced. I am fortunate to have so many wise people around me. I just need to talk to them more! I challenge everyone to think of who they should have an inspiring conversation with today! Naturally, Jodi

You need to read this.

Overcoming Thyroid Disorders by David Brownstein, M.D. is a MUST read book for everyone.
Six years ago I was diagnosed with Hypothyriodism and have successfully managed it. Yet, I am amazed at how often thyroid issues are overlooked or misdiagnosed. The thyroid is one that if ignored can cause many other issues or at least make other disorders worse.
Check it out it is one of those medical things that NEEDS to be checked!
To your health and wellness-Naturally, Jodi!