Why Naturally, Jodi?

Your Coach for a Natural Approach

Why a blog called Naturally, Jodi.?

For me there are various things that make up  this name. When I was younger, I was told many times by my grandmother , “Jodi, you are so good natured.”  As I grew up I loved Nature, which lead me to my degree in Horticulture. Learning about the plants, how they grow, thrive and  adapt has always been very exciting to me. Then to go out and help others discover how exciting developing a beautiful landscape was, I found my passion. Through the field of Horticulture, retail sale, growing, consulting, gardening services and teaching, I have been able to share my passion of  adding beauty naturally outdoors. With a strong desire to be healthy in the best ways we transitioned into natural, non-toxic cleaners for our home and added naturally made supplements to our nutrition. We are blessed with 3 children, which of course I had  ‘naturally’. Since children, I have become an self motivated advocate on raising children as naturally as possible. It became apparent to me that going back to some basics and harnessing what we are naturally given can raise  very healthy & happy kids. When it comes to volunteering, to help with activities for the kids most would agree that Jodi’s name is ‘naturally’ on the list. Being active in all aspects of home, school, and work have given me great opportunities to serve my family and community. I hope to inspire many along the way, naturally!

I feel that the name for the blog fits very well. It has a bit of history that helps define myself  and guide me forward to what lies ahead in life.

Peacefully- Naturally Jodi

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by jojo on November 20, 2009 at 10:13 pm

    thats awesome mom. i like the name


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